GS-12 2-Axis Gyro Sensor

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GS-12 2-Axis Gyro Sensor


  • Can be used to measure angular velocity
  • Can be used to calculate how much the roboti is tilted/inclined and which direction the robot is falling.
  • Can be used to balance to robot or program applied specific motions such as get-up routines.


  • 2 Axis GS-12 Gyro Sensor
  • 3P-DMS-5P-Cable x 2

Hardware Specifications

  • Weight : 2.8g
  • Dimension : 23mm * 23mm* 10mm
  • Angular Velocity Measurement Range : -300¢ª/s ~ 300¢ª/s
  • Recommended Voltage : 4.5 ~ 5.5 V

Compatible Products

  • CM-510 Robotis Controller
  • CM-700 Robotis Controller

E-Manual Documentation

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GS 12 2 Axis Gyro Sensor Axis Gyro Sensor Sensor
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کد محصول SEN-GY-7
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