Analog 50A سنسور جریان (AC/DC)

Analog 50A سنسور جریان (AC/DC)


This is a breakout board for the fully integrated Hall Effect based linear ACS758 current sensor. The sensor gives precise current measurement for both AC and DC signals.The thickness of the copper conductor allows survival of the device at high overcurrent conditions.
The ACS758 outputs an analog voltage output signal that varies linearly with sensed current.


This current sensor enables you to monitor currents in your project every second for energy saving or circuit protecting purposes. 





This sensor can easily measure large current
  • Arduino interface compatible
  • 120 kHz typical bandwidth
  • 3 μs output rise time in response to step input current
  • Output voltage proportional to AC or DC currents
  • Factory-trimmed for accuracy
  • Extremely stable output offset voltage
  • Nearly zero magnetic hysteresis
  • Total output error improvement through gain and offset trim over temperature
  • Monolithic Hall IC for high reliability
  • Ultra-low power loss: 100 μΩ internal conductor resistance


  • Operating Voltage(analog): 3.3-5V
  • Peak Measuring Voltage:3000V(AC),500V(DC)
  • Current Measuring Rang:-50~50A
  • Sensitivity:40 mV/A
  • Operating Temperature: -40~150°C
  • Dimension:34x34mm(1.34x1.34")


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Analog 50A Current Sensor (AC/DC) (AC/DC) Analog 50A سنسور جریان
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